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About Us

Shabu Restaurant is a small cozy 50 seat restaurant with beer and wine license.  One of the things that make us unique from the other hot pot restaurants is the fact that you can enjoy hot pot outdoors on our Japanese Garden. 

You can enjoy your meal as you listen to wind whistling through the bamboo leaves and the Japanese deer chaser releasing its water into a bay of beautiful silver and gray river stones below.  Another thing that makes us so unique from most other hot pot restaurants is that we do not use monosodium glutamate (MSG) in any of our soup bases. 

We spent countless hours trying to perfect all the items on the menu.  As you will soon notice, our menu offers a huge selection when it comes to meats, seafood, and vegetables...The wine list was carefully plotted, and the sake and beer selection are very generous. 

Brought To You By JP Fuji Group

JP Fuji Group is the largest operating pan-asian restaurant group in the north east region with 11 varying concepts in the metro boston area. the locally operating empire was built under the motto of “leaving a place better than you found it”. JP Fuji Group is not only a restaurant group; it is a culture created by doers to employ thinkers and empower believers.

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